Charlotte Fine Linen Cutting Sample

Charlotte Fine Linen Cutting Sample


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Charlotte Linen is our finest, crisp classic linen. In the South, they say that nothing is cooler than the other side of the pillow, but at Kearsley we know that 100% Belgian linen’s refreshing airiness and time-developed silky feel proves that some things are cool all around. 
An incredible wicker of moisture, its breathability is unmatched, feeling like the billowing sails of deep sleep on the hottest of nights for those overheated sleepers. Linen is the strongest of fibers we use, so despite its divine breathability, it can last generations. 
In creating bedding options with Charlotte Linen, it all begins with sourcing. Kearsley uses the finest Belgian linen, woven in Italy and crafted into bespoke keepsakes for your family to enjoy now and far into the future. 
Available in White and Ivory Plain Stitch, with the following options:
4" or 1" flanges on four sides of the shams with back envelope closure.    
4" flanges on three sides or knife-edge on the Duvet covers with hidden-button closure on the end of the duvet.  
Pillowcases are either hotel style (inside envelope closure with pillow flush to the end of the case with a mock 4" "Cuff" on the front) or Classic with an inside envelope closure and 4" cuffs.

  • 100% Finest Belgian linen
  • Thread Count: 140
  • Weight: 150gsm
  •  Woven in Italy to the highest ethical, environmental, and craftsmanship standards.  Kearsley utilizes high pressure and steam, rather than chemicals in the finishing process.
  •  All our sewing is performed to the highest standards in Italy and the USA, using the best fabrics, threads, embroidery floss, and buttons.  All sewing is done with12-14 straight stitches per inch, contributing beauty and longevity to everything Kearsley creates. 
  •  As couture linens, more colors and embellishments are available.
  • Be sure to order Cutting Samples of the colors that interest you.  It is impossible to digitally match.  Our colors do match each other throughout our range of fabrics with the same color names. 
  •  Washable
  •  Each item is exactingly made to order.  Lead time 6-10 weeks.
  • Photo Credits:
      • Main Collection Photo: WAB Studio
      • White Pillow Close Up: WAB Studio
      • Duvet Cover Main Photo: Sloan Miyasato Showroom


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