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Amalfi Cutting Sample

Amalfi Cutting Sample

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This super luxurious collection is a blend of the highest pedigree fibers: Silk and extra-long-staple Egyptian Cotton, creating our most decadent bed linen fabric. Lightweight and airy, this powdery-soft blend benefits from the breathability of the best cotton with strength and warmth from the silk, while Italian craftsmanship in weaving produces an ethereal bedding experience.  From there, our expert cutters and sewers exactingly sculpt this material into the refined products of Kearsley standard, recommending the silkier side for pillowcases, since Amalfi 700tc Sateen is incredible for preventing hair frizz and skin wrinkling and, like all our linens, it is hypoallergenic. As an option to add further luxury, we are offering the reverse side as a cuff and flange option. Photo: K Interiors Principle Bedroom 2020 SF Decorator Showcase; Photography: R. Bradley Knipstein; Sheet Set Kearsley Amalfi in Natural, Pillow Shams Kearsley Amalfi in Pearl, Blanket Kearsley St. Anton Cashmere in Charcoal; Duvet Cover by Porter Teleo hand painted.

  • Performs best in cooler and moderate seasons and climates.
  • 51% Silk/ 49% fine extra-long-staple Egyptian Cotton 
  • Thread Count: 700
  • Weight: 70gsm
  • Woven in Italy to the highest ethical, environmental, and craftsmanship standards and utilizing high pressure and steam, rather than chemicals in the finishing process.
  • All our sewing is performed to the highest standards in Italy and the USA, using the best fabrics, threads, embroidery floss and buttons, sewn with 12-14 straight stitches per inch, contributing beauty and longevity to everything Kearsley creates. Perfect for: Sheets, Pillowcases, Pillow Shams, Duvet Covers & Yardage. 130” Wide
  • Available by the yard to the design trade.
  • Washable 
  • Photo Credits: All Interiors: K Interiors; All Photos: R. Bradley Knipstein
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