E-Shop Kearsley's Ordering Process

Welcome to Kearsley’s E-Shop.  Interior Designers, please contact Kearsley to register for a trade account and applicable discount.

In our E-Shop we provide a curated selection of Kearsley fabrics and embellishments to choose from in the sizes that work for your beds.

We are happy to help guide to what will function best for your projects.  Heather is available by appointment to meet in person or virtually with you and/or your clients.

Except our cashmere, all of our bed linens are washable and made of fabrics we have designed for optimal experience.

All sales are final and payment of the items in your cart serves as approval of their specifications, so please review your shopping cart carefully.  Lead times range from 3-4 weeks for down duvets and pillows, and 5-12 weeks for linens.  Some items are in stock.  All items in the Special Sale are in stock.


Except our cashmere all Kearsley products are washable with the proper machines and detergents.  We send care instructions with all products.  Please inform us if you need them in Spanish.

Linens last longer if ironed.  Fabrics wear at the fiber ends and ironing smooths them out.   The fastest way to iron linens at home is on a blanket-covered tile or stone counter. Fold the sheets in half for expediency.  Another quick system is to iron the linens on the bed.

If sending linens out to a laundry service, be sure they use a neutral detergent, will wash with cool water, and not over dry. 

Public water has varying quantities of chlorine.  Well water often has small grit.   We recommend household water be filtered to maintain fabric colors and protect fabric from damage.

Contact us for recommendations or visit our Care For Your Linens page for more information.

Thread Count

The higher the thread count, the less a fabric breathes. Our thread counts are all true and our fibers are of the highest qualities.  If you have had inexpensive sheets that claimed a high thread count before, the experience of ours will be very different. 

Pleased visit Fiber, Weaves and Thread Counts for more information.


Measure all mattresses for which we will be making linens (length, width, and depth).  Measure any existing pillows you will be covering.

Our items are sewn to allow for shrinkage. 

Please see our U.S. Bed Sizes page for more information on sizing.


We recommend at least 2 sets of sheets per bed.  Ideally there is one set on the bed, one in the closet on standby and one in the laundry.

We recommend that guest room closets have pillows of a different firmness from those on the bed. These pillows provide options for your guests and should be ready in pillowcases. 

Please contact us with any further questions or concerns.