Kearsley creates the world’s finest linens with a simple formula. We partner with the very best weavers and only use the very best fibers for each category. Unlike most textiles on the market, our fabrics are created by highly experienced, family-run artisans in Italy. They grow, process, and weave fibers in the best possible ways and to the highest environmental standard of the EU.

The flax we use to make our linen is the finest grown in Belgium. Our cotton — especially the Giza 87 — is literally the finest cotton on earth. It is the longest, strongest and we are honored to be able to weave with it. Our cashmere is 100% cashmere, woven in Italy and Scotland and is the finest of quality. Fabrics, like our Lenzing™ Modal, are made with the environment in mind. They are made with natural, low environmental impact materials that are also biodegradable and compostable like the rest of our fibers. None of our fabrics require finishing with chemicals. Because of the quality of our fibers, spinning and weaving, our fabrics are healthier and only get softer with time.

Kearsley is fanatical about perfection in our sewing. Our team creates the strongest, long-lasting sheets. Long fibers and sewing are vital to longevity. Our coloring meets the EU's highest ecological standards and is incredibly colorfast. As you can see in some of our photos, you can put our white or ivory next to our black or navy and the colors do not run. They stay true.

We believe in reverse engineering bed linens. We start our custom design process by considering the ideal temperature of the sleepers. We account for local climate, whether the sleepers are sharing a bed, air conditioning and season. Special considerations, including laundry, are also factored in. Above all, we prioritize the senses of our clients. The feel of perfect sheets is tailored to their preferences and the benefits to their hair and skin. This is where Kearsley can be a big help to create a bed that works beautifully for you, your family, or your clients.  Then, with some guidance, you can (or we can) design linens that look the way you desire to maximize the beauty of the space they are in.

Heather Kearsley is available as a part of our Bespoke/Couture program to meet with you to create just the right linens. We are glad to help you over the phone or via email, as well, to select the best linens for your needs.

Our partner, Norvegr, makes the best down products in the world with three generations of great care for performance, craftsmanship, environmental and animal responsibility. When combining Kearsley linens with Norvegr down products and a breathable natural mattress, you create a healthy, sublime, beautiful sleeping environment. This is the goal for which we strive, with every detail that goes into our products.