Collection: Sonoma Wool Mattress Toppers

Kearsley has teamed up with the Sonoma Wool Company to make the perfect mattress topper. 


We offer them with the original Sonoma Wool fabric wrapping and with the Kearsley version..  

We wrapped their happy Sonoma sheared wool in Kearsley's Bavaria 51% Cotton/49% Belgian linen plain weave fabric.  This fully allows you to enjoy the soft smoothness of your luxurious bottom sheet and the breathability and comfort of their wool mattress topper.

This is what our founder Heather Kearsley Wolf uses on her bed.

  • The wool is sheared from sheep in Sonoma County, California, USA.
  • The fabric is spun, woven, and finished in Italy with Kearsley's high sustainable, responsible, and craftsmanship standards. 
  • The mattress toppers are sewn in the United States.