Collection: Los Gatos

Kearsley's Los Gatos Collection is a classic and part of Kearsley's Daily Essentials.

A classic banded or plain collection created in collaboration with Shannon Burnett of B-P Design Group in Los Gatos


A portion of all sales of the Los Gatos Collection will benefit the charity Bring Change to Mind.

Essentials 600tc Sateen:

Our best-selling sateen for two decades, this super-smooth take on balancing a delicate, lustrous feel and appearance with a long lifespan turned out to be an icon.

Beginning with fine extra-long-staple 100% Egyptian cotton, ours is woven by artisans in Italy who create a polished look, velvety feel, (still makes it sound like these are hand woven and they are not), and comfortable weight while being soothing and breathable.

Master colorists create hues colorfast to everything but chlorine bleach, while our beloved cutters and sewers finish each item to stunning perfection. If you enjoy that buttery touch, then this may be the drapey gateway to sleeping bliss that you need!
Kearsley considers Essentials 600tc Sateen to be warmer than Soleil 300tc Sateen, but slightly lighter than Montecito 610tc Sateen.

  • Here we are offering Essentials Sateen plain and with bands in matching or contrasting colors that accent your bedding, containing you in elegant slumber.
  • 100% Fine extra-long-staple Egyptian cotton
  • Thread Count: 600
  • Weight: 120gsm
  • Woven in Italy to the highest ethical, environmental, and craftsmanship standards and utilizing high pressure and steam, rather than chemicals in the finishing process.
  • All our sewing is performed to the highest standards in Italy and the USA, using the best fabrics, threads, embroidery floss, and buttons, held together by 12-14 straight stitches per inch, contributing beauty and longevity to everything Kearsley creates. Please be patient with us since this extra-stitching effort adds time to production. 
  • Available in many additional colors as couture linens. 
  • Washable

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