Bespoke Blog Post

Bespoke Blog Post

In the interior design world, be·spoke, cou·ture, cus·stom can be interchanged as 'made to order'.

All above suggest high quality materials with high quality construction. What is the difference then, you will ask? One American, one British, one French.

Bespoke items are designed or made to fit the requirements of an individual customer.

This image, for example, is a bespoke crib blanket made for a Royal baby shower gift.





This is an example of custom linens for Chroma SF, an interior design studio based in San Francisco.


While this was a couture project for one of our private clients.



Kearsley's bedding, towels, and fabrics are woven and made in Italy by highly experienced artisans who work in family-run workrooms. If you are interested in our bespoke bed linen or what to know more about our process and services, get in touch with the team!

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